What is fully automatic concrete batching plant

The control system of fully automatic concrete batching plant is fully automatic control system.

Fully automatic control system, which adopts centralized computer processing, it can effectively monitor and control the proportioning, under-weighted feeding, overload alarm, accurate measurement, and coordinate the order of each part of the material entering the concrete mixer, ensuring the mixing quality and mixing cycle, making the continuous working capacity of the concrete mixing station stronger, and the powerful data storage function also ensures that the concrete mixing station is different. There are no errors in the production of concrete with formula.

Some customers have a huge demand for concrete, which makes the working time of the concrete batch plant have to be extended. Sometimes, it even takes 24 hours of uninterrupted production to meet the demand. This requires a high degree of attention for the staff, if workers make mistakes, there will be concrete quality problems, resulting in concrete re-seasoning or direct abandonment.

In contrast, the semi-automatic control system requires operators to manually proportioning, lifting, mixing and unloading, which is not very helpful to the continuous working capacity of the batch plant. The connection of various parts of the concrete batching plants will be slow, resulting in the prolongation of the mixing cycle and the decline of the mixing quality. Although some semi-automatic control systems can produce batches of the same formulation, manual batching is still needed in the switching of different formulations.

From this point of view, automatic control system concrete batching plant can help improve production efficiency and quality. The automation development of concrete mixing station is also the main development trend in the future, but for some small concrete batching plant for self-use, semi-automatic concrete batching plant is recommended.

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