Basic technological process of concrete mixing plant

Basic technological process of concrete mixing plant:

1. The production site of concrete mixing plant should be kept clean, the drainage is smooth, and the relevant signals are connected smoothly.

2. The feeding system should prevent aggregate from entering the operation mechanism. Generally, sand and cement can not be fed in the same pipe trough. The material in hopper, pipe trough and other parts should be discharged every time, and should not be reserved for the next feeding.

3. In the production of concrete feeding, one-time feeding and multiple feeding can be used. The first feeding is to put the material into the mixer according to a certain technological order, but it is not allowed to throw cement first, so as to avoid cement sticking to the shaft; in order to avoid the cement being wrapped by water to form cement ball, the cement and sand should be stirred first, so that the cement is dispersed, and then sprinkled; the operation of multiple feeding mixing concrete is more complex, and procedures are needed in the stationary concrete batching plant and tower concrete batching plant. Only by special processing can it be realized.

4. In the operation of wet batch concrete plant, the measurement accuracy and mixing time should be controlled to ensure that the technological requirements are met, and the abnormalities and faults should be checked, such as whether there is water leakage or slurry leakage at the outlet, and if there are abnormalities and faults, timely maintenance should be carried out.

5. Concrete must be cleaned before shutdown; before shutdown after completion of work, a small amount of stones should be used to wash the concrete mixer with clean water, and the mixing site should be cleaned up at the same time. When power failure or failure stops suddenly, the concrete in the main engine should be cleaned out in time.

6. Safety. Any personnel must abide by the operation rules and safety precautions of teka concrete batching plant to ensure safe production.

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