Engineering and commercial concrete batching plants

  According to the different ways of investment, concrete batching plant manufacturers divide concrete mixing plants into engineering concrete batching plants and commercial concrete batching plants. In fact, the models of the two are the same, and there is not much difference in essence. So, why should we make a distinction? In fact, there are some differences.

  A commercial concrete batching plant is a mixing station used to produce and sell concrete. The buyer aims to sell concrete in the future. Therefore, the plant must be fully equipped to be able to supply all kinds of concrete in potential needs. A commercial concrete mixing station is more powerful, can produce all kinds of concrete. Models for such a plant include HZS90 concrete batching plant, HZS120 concrete batching plant, HZS180 concrete batching plant and hzs240 concrete batching plant.

  An engineering concrete batching plant is mainly for certain specific projects like high way construction. A construction company buys such as plant and will discard it after finishing the projects. Generally, it is built beside the construction site and mainly used for a certain project. Generally, the configuration is relatively simple and can meet the concrete production requirements of the project. The engineering concrete mixing station is flexible, easy to dismantle, relatively cheap, and has no requirements for the diversity of concrete. Generally, there are many small types of equipment for engineering mixing stations, which are easy to remove and move. The common engineering concrete mixing stations include HZS25 concrete batching plant, HZS35 concrete batching plant, HZS50 concrete batching plant, HZS60 concrete batching plant and HZS75 concrete batching plant.

  The main differences between engineering and commercial concrete batching plants are as follows.

  1. According to the different types of admixtures, the cement grade is different (whether to add * coal ash, etc.). It is different from the quantity and form of designed admixture and the size and quantity of cement silo. In general, the types of admixtures and cement grades used in engineering plants are less, and the number of admixtures and cement silos designed are correspondingly less.

  2. An engineering concrete plant does not need external sealing. And its structure is relatively simple, commercial concrete is generally sealed, customers pursue beautiful environmental protection, the structure is relatively large.

  3. Under the condition of the same output, the commercial concrete mixing plant configuration is higher, and so is the price.

  4. An engineering concrete batching plant adopts the way of hopper feeding to lift the aggregate, while the commercial concrete batching plant generally adopts the inclined belt conveyor to lift the aggregates.