Stationary concrete batching plant models

  The models of stationary concrete batching plants in China include HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60, HZS75, HZS90, HZS120, HZS180, HZS240 etc. The “HZS” stands for “commercial concrete stationary plant”. The numbers after it represent the theoretical productivity of each plant, though the practical productivity seldom reaches them.

  The configuration model of these plants are more or less the same. The difference lies in capacities and models of parts like concrete mixers, batching machines, screw conveyors, cement silos, belt conveyors and so on. For example, an hzs25 stationary plant is equipped with a JS500 concrete mixer, but an hzs90 plant has a JS1500 as its mixing machine.

  The other difference in configuration of these models of plants is feeding type of aggregates. Plants of capacities smaller than 50m3 are usually equipped with bucket feeders, while those of 60m3 and above are with belt conveyors.

  The third difference is control type. 50m3 and smaller stationary concrete batching plants have semi-automatic control system, different from plants of 60m3 and above that are equipped with full-automatic control systems.

  In addition, small plants (50m3 and less) have no enclosures to keep dust and noise inside the plants, but larger ones usually include such devices.