What should I do to built a commercial concrete mixing plant

To establish a commercial concrete mixing plant, it is necessary to investigate the concrete demand of the surrounding areas, involving the selection of site and the site size.

Concrete market conditions: according to the development of urban and regional planning, should be to the concrete demand, thus make the commercial concrete has the corresponding production plan.

Traffic conditions: concrete should be shipped to the site within 2 hours, transport time control shall have the necessary traffic conditions guaranteed, so plan transport routes, to prevent traffic congestion is a very important conditions.

Material conditions: cement, sand, gravel and other raw materials must be sufficient supply, to ensure the nearest supply; fly ash, admixtures and other mixing materials should also be guaranteed.

Site conditions: the establishment of concrete batching plant is a central link, the principle of its site distribution should consider the following points.

1, the concrete mixing plant should be built in the material supply more convenient transportation or reasonable area,as far as possible to reduce the transportation cost of concrete materials, concrete volume in 70% ~ 80% is the volume of sand and stone, is of great significance to improve the economic benefits of concrete mixing station.

2, the site should be adhere to the combination of engineering tasks and regional uniform layout principle of concrete mixing station, as far as possible to make the concrete supply radius is controlled within 10km, this can reduce the transport vehicles equipped with fixed asset investment and obtain the best economic benefits.

3, the design capacity of mixing building is usually 100000 ~ 150000m3 of concrete per year.

4, as far as possible to choose a higher degree of automation, who can produce all kinds of concrete mixing equipment, but also equipped with a certain number of mixing vehicles and other transport equipment, forming a supporting production capacity.

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