Characteristics and advantages of small concrete batching plant

No matter what kind of concrete batching plant it is: commercial concrete batching plant or engineering concrete batching plant, the most important thing is to choose the suitable concrete mixing plant according to the engineering requirement.

As for the investor of engineering use, the large concrete mixing plant consumes much energy and material resources.

Comparatively speaking, the investment of the small concrete batching plant in the earlier stage is the most cost-efficient. So, what are the advantages that the small concrete batching plant ?

1. Skip hopper feeding system and cost effective.

2. Adopts twin horizontal shaft forced type concrete mixer, two heavy duty gear box, electrical lubrication system, hydraulic discharge system, durable mixing device, etc.

3. Excellent environmental protection, dust collection system and anti-noise design.

4. Accurate weighing system (aggregate, cement, water, additive).

5. PC+PLC control, vividly display the production process on the screen, so that the operator can monitor in real time; save the data of production perimeters in the computer, print daily, monthly or yearly statistic reports of production.

HZS25 (25m3/h), HZS35 (35m3/h), HZS50 (50m3/h), etc.belong to the small concrete mixing batch plant. Compared with the HZS120 HZS180 concrete batching plant, concrete batching plants are not superior in performance. However, as for engineering concrete batching plant, small concrete batching plant can produce concrete of engineering use and have characteristics of simple structure and convenient move. As for the users who frequently transfer project site, the concrete mixing station fully shows the advantages. Besides, the small concrete batching plant is cheap and simple to operate and saves many human power and financial resources.

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