Concrete batching plant maintenance checklist

  The daily maintenance work of the concrete batching plant is very important. If a plant is not routinely maintained, it will not be able to effectively ensure the safe operation of the concrete mixing plant. Here we would like to share everything about concrete batching plant maintenance checklist.

  Daily Maintenance Checklist

  1. Clean the remaining materials in the plant in time to ensure the internal and surrounding environment of the mixing station is clean.

  2. Check if the lubricating oil is sufficient, whether the air pressure of the air pump is at a normal value, and whether the components such as the motor are overheated.

  3. Check if the sensor of the dose system is normal and avoid excessive weighing error.

  4. Check the screws at the connection of the mixing station and whether the conveyor belt is displaced or not to avoid accidents.

  5. Parts that are easy to wear should be inspected regularly, and problems should be replaced in time. Keep the inside of the concrete mixer clean, and clean the cement in the screw conveyor to prevent the cement from sticking to the spiral.

concrete batching plant maintenance checklist

  Things Worth Attention Checklist

  In repairing a concrete batching plant, it is necessary to establish the idea of ​​safety first. Let’s talk about the safety points that need to be paid attention to when repairing concrete mixing plants.

  1. Before performing the maintenance work of the concrete mixer of a concrete batching plant, it is necessary to supervise the operator to cut off the power supply, lock the power distribution cabinet, and place the warning sign on the operation console before the operation can be performed. The host should be strictly prohibited from entering the machine.

  2. Before carrying out the maintenance work of the belt conveyor system, the power supply must be cut off, the power distribution cabinet must be locked, and the keys should be kept by the maintenance personnel. During maintenance and adjustment work, it is really necessary to carry out the operation of the conveyor system. Two people must be present and preventive measures must be taken before the operation can be carried out. Single-person work is strictly prohibited.

  3, the high-altitude operation must be fastened, especially in the operation of the powder warehouse, the insurance belt must be fastened, and it is strictly forbidden to carry the work at high altitude without the belt.

  4. When carrying out maintenance and repair work on vehicles and loaders of a concrete batching plant, it is necessary to lay the wheel rafters. If necessary, support the insurance to prevent the vehicles from slipping and the jacks from collapsing or damaging the equipment.

  5. When the maintenance electrician carries out the work, it must wear the insulating protective gear, and the two people can be used to work, and single work is prohibited. Maintenance electrician, monthly inspection of the lines, switches and distribution boxes of the power facilities in the company’s premises, timely rectification of the problems identified, and inspection and rectification records.

  6. The welder should wear a protective gear when performing welding work, and be careful to prevent burns or stab the eyes; do not disassemble the welding on the equipment, and take necessary precautions to prevent other damage caused by welding damage.

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