The core composition of ready-mixed concrete mixing plant

Although the ready-mixed concrete mixing plant produced by various factories has various concrete forms, its basic form and composition structure are similar. The concrete batching plant equipment is a concrete mixing station equipment which mixes all kinds of raw materials according to a certain proportion, and then produces concrete batching plant equipment with certain performance.

Now the popular batching plant is basically based on the computer as the core of control, control all kinds of materials automatic batching, automatic lifting, mixing and discharging, some also have data statistics, report printing and other auxiliary functions.

Functionally, all kinds of concrete mixing plant equipment are generally composed of the following parts:

1, storage bin: store sand, stone, cement, water and other materials to feed ingredients.

2. Batching mechanism: according to a certain proportion of sand and other materials, mainly composed of a variety of scales, but also the use of volume-based flow measurement equipment;

3, lifting mechanism: mainly used to enhance aggregate;

4. Blender: stir all kinds of raw materials, then form concrete.

5. Stationary concrete batching plant control system: control each part of the coordinated work to complete a certain production process.

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