The cylinder fault occurs in the commercial concrete mixing plant

The cylinder is used in the equipment of the commercial concrete mixing plant. The safe and normal use of the cylinder is a necessary prerequisite for the concrete batch plant. The function of the cylinder is to convert the compressed air pressure of the air compressor into mechanical power to drive some other equipment to achieve the work. If the cylinder fails, it will cause the outlet and valve parts of the mixing station can not open and close normally, which will affect the work of the whole batching plant.

The failure of cylinder is usually a few problems. If it is inside and outside, it is usually a slight deviation of the location of the silver piston rod, resulting in insufficient lubrication oil, the wear and damage of the sealing ring and the sealing ring, the impurities in the cylinder and the damage of the piston rod. At this time, the position of the piston rod should be re adjusted. Besides, the oil mist detector should be checked regularly, and the impurities in the cylinder should be removed in time. If the piston rod has scars, new parts need to be replaced.

If the cylinder output force is insufficient and the action is not stable, the piston or piston rod is usually stuck, poorly lubricated, insufficient air supply, or there are condensed water and impurities in the cylinder. The central position of the piston rod should be adjusted and the reliability of the oil mist device should be checked. If the gas supply line is blocked, the condensate and impurities in the cylinder should be removed in time.

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