Demolition order and method of concrete mixing plant

Concrete batching plants also need to be demolished and moved as a whole. But if disassembly and assembly are not qualified, it will affect the normal operation of the concrete mixing plant equipment.

Demolition sequence of concrete mixing plant:

Preparations before demolition of concrete mixing plant cut off power supply demolish wind, water, electricity, pipeline, admixture, cement, fly ash pipeline demolish batching machine demolish screw conveyor demolish cement tank and support demolish hopper, aggregate weighing device, powder weighing device, water weighing device, admixture weighing device, compressed air system device demolish mixer _Remove hopper_Remove mixing layer platform_Remove lower column.

Demolition method of concrete mixing plant:

  1. Removal of the peripheral color plate, top-down removal of the peripheral color plate and skeleton, color plate removal process to avoid cutting phenomenon, the connection of self-tapping screw and rivet using hanging basket, electric wrench for removal, with 20t truck crane with removal.
  2. When demolishing the cement silo, we should pay attention to the height of the cement silo, which can reach more than 20m, and the weight is large. We should pay attention to the lifting distance. The weight of different batch plant types and specifications of the cement silo is different, and the cement silo should be lifted according to the performance of the crane. The crane uses wire rope bolts to hang the cement silo. Assuming that the cement silo is heavy, the crane can cooperate with the lifting.
  3. When the main engine and other parts are disassembled, assuming that there is an external enclosed structure, the external enclosed structure should be removed first, and then the batching machine system should be removed. The weighing hopper and the discharging hopper of the batching machine can be disassembled separately and stored immediately after disassembly to protect the weighing sensor.
  4. The control room should pay attention to fixing, only remove the anchor bolts, the control room can be lifted, directly remove the bracket, and quickly turn the field.
  5. The screw conveyor is easy to dismantle with crane assistance. After dismantling the screw conveyor, the powder weighing hopper, leg bracket and stirring machine are dismantled. When installing the stirring machine bracket, the welding situation such as leg should be checked carefully for the next welding application.

During the demolition of the concrete mixing station, it is necessary to strictly follow the sequence to ensure the integrity of the equipment. Before the batching plant equipment is demolished, the number of the equipment and its components should be registered and labeled. In the process of equipment demolition, reasonable tools must be used for demolition. Collision and striking of damaged batching machine equipment must be strictly prohibited to ensure the integrity and integrity of equipment.

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