Equipment operation of small concrete batching plant

In a small concrete batching plant, the concrete mixer is essential and we must know its safe operating procedures, with the operator cooperating with the maintenance of the equipment.

Secondly, we should be familiar with the function of the operating disc, the operating disk of the cement mixer, the operation plate of the aggregate cement, the mechanism of the functional keys, the instruments and the warning lights, and the execution order of the electric appliances.

The function of the manual control of the stirring power disk, the motor force disc of the auxiliary machine and the plate surface of the bone material power disk and the corresponding mechanical mechanism, power appliance and its execution order.

However, the records of the handover class, the maintenance of the batching plant equipment and the record of the maintenance of the equipment are recorded. The records of the concrete supply are sent to the Department of volume and the records of the signing of the materials. The records of the handover of the mechanical equipment are kept for reference.

After that is the repair and maintenance of concrete mixing plant and related equipment.

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