The four key operation of concrete batch plant to take seriously

The four key operation of concrete batch plant to take seriously:

1. Weighing should be accurate, with the deviation of the material by weight, for cement, water and mixed materials shall not exceed 1%; For aggregate shall not exceed 3%. This accuracy is easily achieved with automatic control of the coagulation concrete batch plant on which metering is to be carried out, as long as meticulous operation of the batch plant or mixing unit for manual control of the weighter is achieved. For example, when using a manual gate storage hopper and weighing the aggregate with a scale, a two-step weighing method is used: the first step starts with the second step changes to zero. The first name, according to the need for a small number of 20-25 kg control, to reverse the number, it closed the gate. Due to the process of closing the gate there is still some material weighing bucket, so after the gate is closed, the material falling into the weighing bucket will generally be 15-20 kg more than the control value. And then the second step, the enamel code allocated to the required number of office, a small open gate, the material complement.

2. Every time stirring all must be equipped with a good material all into the cement mixer which is better for dry concrete mixing plant is no difficulty, but equipment for poor concrete mixing plant and mixing device, especially the use of Tipping hopper feeding, if not pay attention, there may be some dry material stranded in the hopper and not cast into the mixer to affect the accuracy of concrete mix, it should be noted. For the gravity concrete mixer, first add water and then dry material, or put some water and then add dry material and insufficient water; For forced concrete mixer, should first add dry material, then add water.

3. Mixing should be uniform, concrete mixing time (since all the material into the concrete blender mixer, to start unloading concrete mixer, and mixer capacity and concrete workability; For low-mobility concrete, usually 1.5-2 minutes; For dry and hard concrete for 2-5 minutes, with a variety of materials mixed, the same color concrete shall prevail.

4. Concrete mix should be fully discharged after mixing, which is mandatory for concrete mixer is easy to do, and for the gravity mixer, when the concrete is low flow or hard-setting, there are often many mortar stuck in the mix Tube wall, not easy to unload. Therefore, in addition to unloading the mixture as much as possible, the amount of cement and sand should be appropriately increased when mixing the low grade concrete followed by the higher grade coagulation or the first start of the concrete mixing.

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