How to operate concrete batching plant

  How to operate concrete batching plant? Here are the operation steps and notes before, during and after the plant working period.

  Operation steps of the controlling computer

  Note: the operation order is VERY important

  1. After the mixer control system is powered on, it enters the man-machine dialogue operation interface.

  2. The system performs initialization processing, including formula number, concrete grade, slump, production volume, etc.

  3. Detect each silo and measuring hopper according to the weighing, output a signal of empty or full material, and prompt the operator to determine whether to start the mixing control program.

  4. Start the sand and stone belt motor to feed the material to the weighing hopper.

  5. Open the butterfly valve of the fly ash and cement tank.

  6. Start the screw motor to transport fly ash and cement to the measuring hopper.

  7. Open the control valve of the water tank and the admixture pool to make the water and admixture flow into the metering hopper.

  8. After the metering meets the set requirements, open the metering bucket door.

  9. The ingredients enter the mixer that has been started for mixing, and the mixer door is opened at the set time, and the concrete enters the mixer truck that has been fed.

  Notes before starting a concrete batching plant

  1. Before starting up, check a series of accessories for the concrete mixing plant, including butter and oil. At the same time, check to turn on the water valve, open the water pump and divert water before starting up-the air compressor opens the storage bin door-opens the unloading belt- Mixing and mixing host-open the feeding belt to open the ingredients (including pellets, cement)-open the water supply and so on. This is the check operation before the start of the concrete mixing plant.

  2. The switching sequence of the concrete batching plant at the beginning of the operation. Ingredients (including pellets, cement) off, water supply off, feeding off (no belt storage), mixing host off (no storage in the mixer tank) discharge belt off (no belt storage), storage bin door off, air compressor Clean the mixing tank, close the water valve, switch off the main power supply.

  The order of these operations is extremely important. If the operation is improper, for example, your mixing machine is mixing materials, and when you turn off the machine, the concrete will be blocked in the mixing machine.

  Mixer operators must undergo learning and training, understand the structure and performance of the unit’s mixing system, operating procedures, be familiar with safe operations and technical specifications, familiar with the basic operations of computers, and have a basic understanding of the quality requirements of concrete and the main performance, specifications, and functions of raw materials. And after passing the actual assessment of the superior company, they can start operation.

  Regular inspection steps of a concrete batching plant to be started

  1. There is no foreign matter jammed in the transmission, movement parts, warehouse doors, bucket doors, and rails of various supporting mechanisms in the mixing drum.

  2. Check the oil level and oil quality of the gear box, if the oil is insufficient, add it, and replace it if it is not clean.

  3. The connection of the structure of the mixing station must be firm and reliable. The limit device and brake are sensitive and reliable.

  4. The rubber sleeve connected to the weighing hopper should not be subjected to tension and pressure, otherwise the weighing accuracy will be affected.

  5. The wire rope installation and drum winding of the hoisting bucket or dragline are correct, the wire rope and pulley meet the requirements, and the brakes of the hoisting bucket and dragline are sensitive and effective.

  6. Each electrical device can effectively control the mechanical action, and there is no obvious damage to the contact points and the moving and static contacts.

  7. Check the mechanical operation. After confirming that the mixing system is normal, the production can be automatically cycled. It is strictly forbidden to stop or start with load.

  Operation notes during the running of a concrete batching plant

  1. After starting the machine, carefully check the operation of the machine, and check whether the rotation direction of each rotating part is consistent with the direction of the marked arrow.

  2. The mixer must not be stopped when it is fully loaded and mixed. When a fault or power failure occurs, the power supply should be cut off immediately, the switch box should be locked, the concrete in the mixing drum should be removed, and then the fault should be eliminated or the power supply will be restored.

  3. Concentrate when working, pay attention to observe the feeding system of each instrument, indicator, belt conveyor, and batcher, and remove large stones and objects in time when they are found.

  4. Repairs, maintenance, lubrication, tightening, etc. cannot be performed while the machine is running. It is forbidden to put hands and feet near gates, mixing drums, spiral pipes, etc.

  5. Before stopping the mixer, unload it first, and then turn off the switches and pipelines in order. All the cement in the spiral pipe should be transported out, and no material should remain in the pipe.

  6. When the dragline is stuck by an obstacle, do not pull it forcibly. It is forbidden to use the dragline to lift heavy objects. During the pulling process, no turning operation is allowed.

  Operation notes after a concrete batching plant is stopped

  1. After the operation, when the equipment operator receives the notice of cleaning or maintenance, he should cut off the power of the equipment, lock the mixer key switch, pull out the key, and lock the doors and windows of the operation room at the same time, and then notify the cleaning or maintenance personnel to clean or service.

  2. The cleaning personnel close the bulk cement tank gate and transport all the cement in the spiral pipe. Clean up the mixing drum, discharge door and discharge hopper, and rinse with water, while flushing the additive and its supply system. The knife holder and knife edge of the weighing system should be cleaned and the weighing accuracy should be ensured. Do not leave any cement in the pipe.

  3. In freezing season, drain the water in the water pump, additive pump, water tank and additive tank, and start the water pump and additive pump for 1-2 minutes.

  4. Maintain the machinery, add lubricating oil to each lubrication point, and apply oil to the part to be protected to prevent rust.

  This should be the most resourceful article about how to operate concrete batching plant. Hope it’s helpful.

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