Introduction to storage system of concrete batch plant

The storage system of concrete batch plant includes two aspects: the storage system of raw materials for concrete production and the storage system of finished concrete. It can also alleviate the shortage of raw materials in a short time and affect production to a certain extent. The following is an introduction to the storage system:

I. Powder Tank

It is a silo for storing powdery materials. According to the volume, there are different specifications of powdery tanks, such as 50t, 100t, 200t, 250 t, 300 t, etc. to meet the needs of different situations. Transportable powder tanks generally have a capacity of 50t and 100t. Large ones, such as 200t to 500t, need to be manufactured at the installation site of batching plant equipment.

When the bulk cement truck pumps the bulk materials into the powder tank, the top dust collector prevents the inclusion dust from discharging directly from the compressed air in the process of discharging the compressed air into the atmosphere through the top dust collector, so as to protect the environment.

The function of pressure safety valve is that when the bulk material is pumped into the powder tank by the concrete pump of bulk cement mixer truck, if the top dust collector is blocked and the exhaust is not smooth, the pressure in the powder tank will rise. To protect the powder tank, when the pressure rises to a certain value, the safety valve opens and unloads, thus playing the role of protecting the powder tank.

The fluidity of powder in powder tank is related to the type of material, temperature and storage time. The temperature of cement just transported is higher and it is looser after gas transporting. Its capacity value is about 0.8-1 t/m3, which makes it easy to flow. After a period of backlog, its capacity e value can reach 1.6t/m3, sometimes even higher. This kind of cement with long storage time has poor fluidity and often causes arch phenomenon during unloading. In order to improve the unloading performance of powder tank, impact device is often installed on the lower cone of silo. It can destroy the powder arch bridge and make the unloading smooth. At present, arch breaking devices include air blowing arch breaking, hammering arch breaking and air cushion breaking. Air blowing arch breaking means to set 3 to 6 air blowing holes at a certain height from the outlet of the warehouse cone for air blowing arch breaking. However, due to limited contact surface, sometimes the effect is not obvious. At the same time, because of the water content in compressed air, the air nozzle is easily blocked. Hammering arch breaking is to break the arch by hammering the silo body with air hammer. During the hammering process, the noise is high and the wall of the silo is damaged.

The silo body is a cavity container, the upper part is cylindrical, the lower part is conical, rolled by steel plate, tailor-welded. Storehouse must be sealed and rainwater is not allowed to flow in, otherwise, powder will cake in the tank.

The supporting leg is the load-bearing part of powder tank, which is generally welded by steel pipe and angle steel or channel steel.

II. Aggregate Storage Warehouse

It is the storage silo of sand and stone, and the aggregate measurement part is integrated, usually called the batching station. The proportioning station plays the role of storing sand and gravel and controlling proportioning when weighing sand and gravel. The upper silo body can be made of concrete or steel structure as a whole. It is usually distinguished by silo type batching station and steel structure silo batching plant.

1. Warehouse-type batching station

2. Steel Structural Batching Station

The number of silos in the batching station is related to the types of sand and gravel needed for concrete preparation. There are three silos, four silos and five silos, and generally four silos can meet the needs of use.

Pool is the equipment for storing and producing water for concrete production. It is usually poured during the installation of foundation construction cement batching plant.

The aggregate hopper is a transitional hopper, which plays the role of temporary aggregate storage. It shortens the working cycle time of the concrete mixing station and is an important guarantee for improving the productivity of the concrete mixing station.

Dust-proof curtain is used to reduce the dust rising out of aggregate hopper.

The working process of the aggregate hopper is that the cylinder 6 drives the hopper door 5 to open, the vibrator delays the action, and the aggregate in the aggregate hopper is quickly discharged.

The unloading hopper is a transitional hopper in front of the concrete mixer after the finished concrete material is unloaded from the concrete mixer. It has played a temporary role in the storage of finished materials, played a buffer role for the cement mixer, and can make the finished materials in the concrete mixer unload as soon as possible.

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