Large water consumption in mini concrete batching plant

The control of water consumption in concrete batching plants is also very important, and it is also an aspect of production cost control. It takes a lot of water to wash mixers and cement tankers every day. It is very difficult to treat concrete after setting. Therefore, in the production standstill week strong cleaning link is a very water-consuming project.

Moreover, the washing water of these washing equipment contains impurities and additives brought in by cement slurry, aggregate and aggregate. From the point of view in environmental protection, water cleaning cement mortar or concrete has strong alkalinity, high PH value, up to 12 or so, random discharge will pollute the environment. Because of the large water consumption, with the continuous improvement of environmental protection requirements in recent years, wastewater treatment of concrete batch plant has become a major concern.

In fact, it is a waste to wash the mixer truck with clean water. Assume that a mixer truck is washed with 1-2T of water, 2-3 times a day. Take a mini concrete batching plant where 20 vehicles are used every day for example, 40-120T of clean water is needed every day. From this point of view, the reuse of washing water is very conducive to the protection of the environment and the conservation of water resources.

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