The maintenance of concrete batch plant plays an important role

Concrete batch plant maintenance can be under the conditions of reasonable use, will not cause damage to machinery outside the accident, affecting the safety of production, while increasing the utilization of batch plant to bring greater economic benefits to users.

The service life of concrete batch plant 3-5 years in general, if you want to be used for a longer time to need for careful maintenance of concrete mixing station.After the completion of the work, for example, to clear in time concrete mixer, mixing wall of stirring shaft, discharge outlet are deposited on the inside and outside and residue.It can be washed with water or directly into the small stones and stir for a few minutes back out of the water.To prevent freezing in winter, need in the concrete mixing station after work is put in the water pump, water tank, additives such as pipeline residual water and additives in case of damage.

Concrete mixing station mechanical parts in use, due to wear and corrosion of parts and components, reduce lubrication or fasteners loose or displacement and other phenomena, causing the mechanical power, economy and safety and reliability of the reduction, thus requiring the parts have not yet reached the limit of wear or failure, the use of appropriate maintenance and preventive measures to reduce wear and tear parts and eliminate the risk of failure.

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