Mobile batching plant with concrete pump

  A mobile batching plant with concrete pump usually does not consist of a complete set of mobile plant and a pump, but more frequently a batching machine, a mixer and a trailer concrete pump. In comparison to the normal configuration of a mobile concrete batching plant, such a plant excludes silos, trailers and concrete mixer trucks, leaving out the delivery process between concrete production sites and construction sites.

  A mobile batching plant with concrete pump has the following features.

  First, it costs much cheaper. Actually a simple batching plant composed only of a batching machine and a mixer, the plant has an only part demonstrating its “mobile” ability: a frame with several wheels that can be towed around by any vehicle with enough power. This greatly reduces the cost.

  Second, it’s much more efficiency than the combination of an integrated mobile plant, a concrete mixer and a concrete pump. The trailer pump, stationed right under the mixer mouth, sends ready mix concrete directly to nearby construction projects only hundreds of meters away, avoiding possible solidification of concrete during truck delivery and extra costs for renting or purchasing concrete mixer trucks.

  Third, it’s far more “mobile” than professional mobile plants. Simple as its configuration is, the plant can be towed by a small vehicle into any narrow construction sites, which is impossible for either complete mobile plants or concrete pump trucks. The concrete is made, pumped and poured directly by the targeted project, and it’s so easy to tow both the plant and the pump away after the pouring work is done.

  Such a perfect configuration of mobile batching plant with concrete pump, however, faces its limitation in application, too. Owing to restriction in volume, the capacity it yields per hour is not big, and it’s only suitable for smaller building projects in rural areas rather than large water conservancy or bridge building projects.