The production process of commercial concrete batching plant

What is the production process of commercial concrete batching plant?commercial concrete batching plant deviced by the storage system, batching system, conveying system, mixing system, unloading system and control system.

1. The user input from the monitoring software interface of concrete of the mixing operation and other working parameters, industrial computer to send the batching controller material dosing and values, and instructions.

2. by the respective batching controller sends a signal to open the aggregate, sand bin door, start the vibrators, sand storehouse will be put into weighing hopper weighing aggregate, sand material;Open cement warehouse, warehouse and powder admixture of fly ash warehouse of screw feeder, open water, superplasticizer admixture distribution valve, cement, fly ash, powder admixture and weighing of water, superplasticizer admixture.

3. Weighing process devided into weighing and precision, controlled by the batching controller, the ingredients to reach 90% of the slow feed weighing. Weighing is completed, the controller sends a signal to close the sand compartment shaker, aggregate sand bin door, close or stop the cement silo, fly ash silo, powder admixture screw feeder and water and water additives Dispensing valve. The aggregate and stone, the IPC open signal to open the measurement Doumen, the aggregate sand into the belt conveyor, start flat, inclined belt motor, the aggregate sand to the hopper.

4. Dosing is completed, the ingredients controller sends a signal to the IPC, IPC sent instructions to the switch output module, send a signal to the intermediate relay drive cylinder in turn open the metering bucket, hopper hopper, the material into the cement mixer.

5. Concrete mixer according to the pre-set mixing time to be stirred, after the completion of industrial computer instructions sent to the switch output module, open the discharge door unloading.

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