Site selection of small concrete batching plant

The site selection of small concrete batching plant:

1. The location of the small concrete batching plant is not appropriate, which not only affects the construction arrangement, but also affects the construction quality and cost. Higher terrain is required to ensure a satisfactory area. Considering the effect of the moisture content of the material on the quality and productivity of the commercial concrete, it is necessary to store the material in a location where there is no water. If the terrain is low and the water is simple, it is necessary to consider the creation of the drainage path and fully account for its drainage capacity to avoid water accumulation during heavy rain and affect production.

2. In order to reduce the cost and facilitate the construction, it is necessary to select a place at a fast transportation address, and also to make a reasonable plan for the access passage of the small concrete batching plant.

3. Make full use of the terrain conditions, and strive to settle down and save land. Fit the process and try to avoid running water.

4. A satisfactory commercial concrete transport vehicle operation site should be left before the construction of the small concrete batching plant. The laboratory and the dispatching room should be placed as close as possible to the main passage of the mixing machine station and the gate of the plant. The pool and commercial concrete recycling station..

So how do you choose the small concrete batching plant manufacturer?

1.the batching plant manufacturer who can provide professional guidance and technical services, and meet the long-term interests of each investment user;

2, can provide high-quality and perfect after-sales service, a set of commercial concrete mixing plant to use 10 years or more, no after-sales is not enough,

3, can withstand the rigorous test of the market, so the selection of tested concrete mixing station products is the choice of equipment.

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