the debugging sequence of concrete batch plant

When your complete concrete batching plant is assembled, the first thing is not to go into production immediately, but to commission. It should be noted that the commissioning of the concrete batch plant is sequential. Do you know this? Let me give you a detailed explanation below.

Due to the interlock between the various parts of the electric control system of concrete mixing station, unit debugging must be carried out in the following order: mixing belt conveyor (unloading belt conveyor) mixing main machine raw aggregate belt conveyor (feeding belt conveyor) granular belt scale powder spiral scale speed regulating spiral conveyor air-way system water supply system. At the same time, with the debugging of the mechanical system, observe the direction of each motor. If the motor reverses or is different from the specified steering, the reverse phase method is adopted to make the motor turn forward. In this way, the basic commissioning of the concrete batch plant has been completed, and then the batch plant can be tested to see what the reaction is.

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