The placement of concrete batch plant

The concrete batch plant main engine and feed batching system should be configured according to the construction period, total amount of sputum, daily sputum consumption and other indicators, so as to meet the maximum daily sputum consumption; one concrete mixer and related feeding system is a production line; general engineering Only one production line can be set up. For the larger and important projects, two production lines should be set up and arranged side by side to ensure uninterrupted supply of the project. One project can only set one batch plant, or set the concrete mixing station separately according to the partition, or set it centrally. A large concrete batching plant is equipped with an appropriate amount of pick-up truck; the actual situation is determined.

The area of ​​sand and stone yard should be large enough to meet the needs of engineering consumption, and it can be easily organized to feed and replenish; sand and gravel partitions are piled up to prevent mismatching of the grades caused by the mixing; They are stacked neatly; the site should be hardened to facilitate loading of the car and prevent dirt and other debris from entering the material.

A concrete mix plant with 1-2 pools must be able to ensure the mixing and mechanical cleaning required. A production line shall be equipped with at least 2 suitable cement silos, preferably 3, which shall be replenished in turn to meet the needs of plutonium production without accumulating cement. Large volume and pumping generally need to be mixed with fly ash and admixture, and placed separately according to the site conditions, so that it is convenient to use.

As for the way of conveying finished concrete, the concrete pump can be used. The conveying method is based on the supply distance and the height or the supply amount of the crucible. Generally, it is arranged in front of the mixer and connected to the pouring place by the pump tube; or it can be arranged near the pouring place and sent to the pump by the transport mixer truck.

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