How To Use A Portable Concrete Batch Plant

The portable concrete batch plant is divided into four parts: gravel feed, powder feed, water and admixture feed, conveyor mixing and storage. Mixer control system
After the concrete mixing station is powered on, enter the operation interface of the man-machine dialogue system, which includes the recipe number, the concrete grade, the slump degree, the production volume, etc. According to the weighing, , The output material empty or full signal, prompting the operator to determine whether to start the stirring control program. Start sand, stone belt motor feed to the metering bucket; open the fly ash, cement tank butterfly valve, start the screw machine motor fly ash, Cement to the metering bucket; open the water tank and the additive tank of the control valve so that water and admixture into the metering bucket. Metering meet the set requirements after the opening of the bucket door, the ingredients into the activated mixer mixing, to set the time Open the mixer door and the concrete into the mixer.

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