What are the safety precautions for batch plant

Concrete batching plant safety precautions for staff should be used to, it is necessary to master, the batch plant manufacturers tell you what the safety precautions are?

1. In the process of concrete batching plant installation, it is strictly forbidden to tilt the warehouse and deform the outriggers.

2. The bottom of the outrigger is firmly welded with the embedded parts of the foundation.

3. Do a good job of windproof and lightning protection.

4. Strong impact on outriggers and silos is strictly prohibited.

5. Check regularly the cement adherence of dust collector cloth bags and clean them up in time.

6. The foundation must be firm and conform to the architectural design specifications.

7. Once the cloth bag is blocked, the pressure in the warehouse exceeds the safety pressure of the top pressure relief valve. The pressure relief valve can open and release the pressure in the warehouse to prevent the occurrence of explosion accidents.

8. When the cement bin (cement tank) is working, it must be erected by a special crane and placed on the precast concrete foundation. Verticality between the batch plant cement bin (cement tank) and the horizontal plane should be checked after it is erected. Then the bottom of the cement bin and the embedded parts of the foundation should be welded firmly.

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