Can concrete batch plant be stored for a long time

Almost all the customers will consult the batching plant manufacturers, my project stopped or my project needs to be delayed for a long time, then, how to properly store it? The concrete batching plant manufacturers tells you how to prepare your concrete batch plant for a long time.

First of all, before stored, must be carried out on the concrete batch plant maintenance, repair the damaged parts, and carries on the thorough cleaning, keep the technology to be in good condition.In the arrangement and arrangement of the parking lot, it is necessary to ensure that any mechanical access is not affected by other machinery.

Concrete batch plant is better to parked in the dry room.not to stop outside, should fall flat on the ground and shop plank.After parking with cover cloth cover.

The mechanical fuel lever should be placed in the idle position, the joystick placed in the neutral position.

This point we do not miss: rust treatment

1, before storage concrete batch plant, should be depending on the outer surface of the anti-rust paint peel the size of the area to determine whether the way with the paint or paint the way to repair the whole machine.

2, engineering machinery work devices, such as the scissors of the scraper, the bucket of the loader, the scraper of the grader, etc., on its metal exposed rust method is smear butter.

On the other hand is custody of the engine and the storage of the battery,about it any problem contact us Email:[email protected] freely.