What Is HZS90 Concrete Batch Plant

HZS90 concrete batch plant has been widely used in a variety of construction projects, this is because the HZS90 concrete batch plant in a use of a modular structure, in the equipment installation, removal quickly, the transport than the general concrete batch plant more convenience.On the other hand, microcomputer system control, equipment, measuring components and control components are belong to imported components, so that the processing of raw materials more accurate. Dynamic panel to achieve full control, to achieve a unified distribution of the phenomenon of management.

So what is HZS90 concrete batch plant ?

HZS90 concrete batch plant is deviced of ingredients, concrete mixer, water supply system, powder conveying device, aggregate conveying device, metering system, stirring system, electric control system and air control system and other components. HZS90 concrete batch plant in the operation more intuitive, clear, easy to operate, HZS90 concrete batch plant in the overall structure is more reasonable, safe and reliable operation, easy to operate.