How to properly remove the HZS90 concrete batch plant

During the removal process in strict accordance with the HZS90 concrete batch plant order to ensure that the equipment is intact, equipment removed before the equipment and parts number registration and labeling. In the equipment removal process, you must use a reasonable tool to remove, is strictly prohibited collision, hit the damaged equipment.

How to properly remove the HZS90 concrete batch plant?

 Concrete batching plants before the demolition of the preparatory work → cut off the power → removal of wind, water, electricity, pipelines, admixtures, cement, fly ash piping → removal of ingredients → removal of screw conveyor → removal of cement tank tank and bracket → Disassemble hopper, Aggregate weighing device, Powder weighing device, Water weighing device, Admixture weighing device, Compressed air system → Remove the mixer → Remove the hopper → Remove the mixing platform → Remove the lower column.