The arrangement of concrete batch plant

In the horizontal concrete batch plant, the material to be subject to secondary upgrade, the first material to upgrade to the storage hopper, the material after weighing again to join the mixer. This type of concrete batching plants has the advantages of simple structure, low investment, high building height; the disadvantage is that the material needs to be upgraded twice, the efficiency is low, the degree of automation is low.

In the vertical concrete batch plant, the material only need once raised, and then rely on their own weight to the various processes. This type of concrete batching plants has the advantage of high efficiency, small footprint, easy to implement automation; its shortcomings are complex structure, high manufacturing cost and high installation height.

The mobile concrete batching plant assembles the loading, storage, weighing, mixing and discharging devices on the same base. This type of concrete mixing plant has the advantage of compact structure, easy handling, can be directly close to the construction site, thus reducing the transport distance of concrete and improve the economic performance.

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