Does your concrete batching plant add lubricant regularly

Does your concrete batching plant add lubricant regularly or time to time according to need?

Concrete batching plant is a complete set of steel-type machines, it is not you from batching plant manufacturers to buy over there, after the installation can start long-term use, and if long-term attention to the maintenance of the machine only show a rust phenomenon, which requires on the smooth agent to adhere to the normal work of the machine, the correct oil on the equipment to maintain the normal operation of the batch plant.

Because most of the main body of the concrete mixing plant equipment using dual-axis forced concrete mixer, need to refuel from time to time on the bearing, if there is no regular maintenance, the equipment will rust, thus affecting the normal use. Did you lubricate your concrete mixing plant from time to time or regularly? If not, just start from now on.

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