Emergency accidents in concrete mixing plant

When meet emergency accidents in concrete mixing plant?what will you do?

The concrete mixing plant is composed of a number of equipment. In the process of batching plant equipment production, sometimes for some reasons, there will be some unexpected accidents. When concrete batching plants encounter some unexpected situations, it is necessary to take correct measures to avoid causing very large losses.

1. The handling of sudden crisis events should be unified and coordinated by the company’s emergency command center, the relevant departments and teams in the company, the unified coordination of relevant external units or related personnel, the full utilization and use of existing resources, and the integration of existing command institutions, personnel, equipment, materials, information and work methods. Effective control and rapid disposal of events.

2, in order to improve the level of crisis prevention, we should combine pre event prevention with emergency response, and implement emergency management work in daily management in accordance with the needs of emergency rescue.

3, each department and group should establish the quick response plan and mechanism of the early warning and disposal of sudden crisis in the Department and group, ensure the preparation of the material and manpower. Once the crisis occurs, it will ensure the close connection of the links of discovery, report, command and disposal.

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