What is the forms of concrete batch plant

Concrete batch plants are often used in projects with large engineering periods and relatively long mechanization and automation. Therefore, their productivity increases linearly,it can guarantee the quality of concrete and save cement. Concrete batch plant in accordance with the different layout, it can be divided into three kinds:

Vertical concrete batch plant, horizontal concrete batch plant, mobile concrete batch plant.In the large industrial city and material supply base, suitable for the use of vertical concrete batching plant, away from the material supply base in the small and medium-sized cities, suitable for use of horizontal concrete batching plant, for some traffic inconvenience, narrow road construction or maintenance Engineering, suitable for the selection of mobile concrete batching plant.

This is related to their characteristics,In the vertical concrete mixing plant, the material only once raised,this type of concrete mixing plant has the advantage of high efficiency, small footprint, easy to implement automation, High cost and high installation height. The difference between the horizontal concrete mixing plant and the vertical concrete mixing plant is that the material needs to be upgraded twice. This kind of concrete mixing plant has the advantages of simple structure, low investment and small building height , The disadvantage is that the material needs to be upgraded twice, low efficiency, low degree of automation; mobile batching plant has the advantage of compact structure, easy handling.