Introduction weighing system of small concrete batching plant

Weighing is an important part of the production of concrete in a small concrete batching plant. As the concrete is mixed with a certain proportion of the material, the material is weighed more accurately, and the quality and saving of the concrete mix raw materials.

Weighing equipment is quantified by volume, and mass is quantified by mass. Modern large-scale concrete weighing equipment is weighed according to the quality of raw materials.

Weighing equipment according to the different operating methods are divided into manual and automatic equipment. When using manual weighing equipment, workers labor intensity, poor working conditions, measurement is not accurate. The use of automatic weighing equipment, such as automatic scales, electronic scales, etc., greatly improved the working conditions of workers, saving manpower and time, but also to ensure the quality of the product. Automatic weighing equipment is the development direction of modern construction of concrete, the rapid development of the electronics industry, for the application of automatic weighing equipment to provide a guarantee.

From the structure, weighing equipment is mainly divided into lever scales and electronic scales, lever scale structure is simple, easy to adjust and repair. Electronic scale measurement and control convenience, high degree of automation.

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