How to properly demolition of concrete batching plant

How to properly demolition of concrete batching plant?Concrete batching plant building and the demolition are more dangerous, so must be sure to carry out under the guidance of professionals, so as to ensure that the equipment intact, does not affect the next project started.

Commercial concrete mixing plant is a base for the sale of concrete, build a large scale concrete batching plant more, and the demolition of very little, but the instruction concrete batching plant is mainly self-sufficiency, so after the end of one project, will carry out another project relocation.

First of all, before the demolition of concrete mixing plant need to put all the power, control power off, turn off the power after the concrete mixer, batching machine, screw conveyor and cement and other equipment to clean the remaining material, after cleaning the various pipelines Equipment finishing good;

Second, the power supply, control power and all the control wires are removed.

Finally, after all the work is done, check to clean up the construction site, dismantling the tools and all the safety tools should be done to improve the inspection to see if there is no forgotten place.

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