How to safe operation of portable concrete batch plant control process

Portable concrete batch plant operation get more intelligent, in the batch plant control room to the need for conditions into the computer, it can automatically produced. But some experience in the concrete batch plant operators know that this is only an ideal situation.

In fact, due to the poor production environment of the batch plant, unexpected failures is common sense, interference factors such as the normal operation of the computer program, the most common is the phenomenon of computer crash, the scale of the material is still full of scales, The computer is no longer in control. Control system in the software design has a complete security design must also be protected on the hardware, but also hardware protection priority. Such as cement scale bucket door is not closed is not allowed to weigh the material, but if there is a disturbance or malfunction to start the cement screw machine, the consequences can be difficult to imagine, and if coupled with the hardware limit lock hardware lock, then Even if the wrong action does not shut the door is not good to start the screw mach.

How safe operation of the portable concrete batch plant control process?

For example, before feeding to the concrete mixer , first to determine whether the concrete mixer open? Is the mixer door closed? Is the clinker in the mixer empty? All the ingredients with the right? The system as long as there is a condition does not meet or not completed, to stop the next step of the work, and prompts, a major problem but also alarm. On the surface it seems very complicated and cumbersome, but in actual operation is indeed a lot of benefits, to avoid misuse and errors, and does not affect the production efficiency.

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