What Is The Size Of Site Area To Built A Small Concrete Batching Plant

In general, batching plant manufacturer in the provision of high quality equipment to users at the same time also provide a reasonable station program, and provide installation services, the problem can be resolved. The construction of concrete batching plant site to facilitate the production as the main principle, the host, batching machine, material pile and other location layout to be a reasonable design, if you want to increase the other facilities, you need to increase equipment land.

Construction of a small concrete batching plant production line first need to conduct all aspects of the design and planning, including equipment selection, site selection, staff recruitment and so are the preparatory work. The site selection and planning is to ensure that the late concrete batching plant to the normal operation of the premise, it is very important.

So what is the size of site area to built a small concrete batching plant? small concrete batching plant to HZS50, for example, the equipment itself covers an area of about 20m * 14m, plus other office areas, parking areas, such as the overall need for two or three acres of land area.

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    1. the commonly used mixing host models to small concrete batching plant is JS5000 concrete mixer and JS750 concrete mixer

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