The structural design of portable concrete batch plant

Portable concrete batch plant usually called mobile concrete batch plant,mobile concrete batching plant,mobile batching plant,It is obvious that is easy move from one place to another construction place.

The structural design of portable concrete batch plant:

Portable concrete batch plant with mobile convenience, fully automated, small footprint and many other advantages. And use of pin connection, easy to disassemble, is conducive to the transformation of the concrete batch plant.The design of the portable concrete batch plantis divided into three parts: the material layer, the mixing layer and the weighing layer. The three parts are designed on a movable trailing unit and can be moved by trailer. The above also has a simple control room, only a staff member in the control room can operate the entire equipment work.

Discharge layer, the main use of cylindrical legs, simple design, rational layout.

The mixing layer is mainly composed of elevated structure, double variable section I-shaped main beam, heavier weight, steel and shock absorption is better than the ordinary structure, the mixing layer and the material layer constitute the steel body, and the foundation is integrated, effective Weakened from the stirring host vibration; support the use of rectangular legs, not only simple structure, and spacious space.

Mobile mixing station ingredients weighing layer a total of weighing the bucket and water weighing bucket, liquid admixture weighing bucket and aggregate prefabricated bucket. Powder weighing bucket exit at the use of automatic control of the pneumatic butterfly valve, import and export are used soft coupling, fully enclosed. Admixture weighing bucket set in the water metering bucket above the exit at the use of stainless steel ball valve discharge.

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