The Working Flow Description Of HZS50 Concrete Batch Plant

HZS50 concrete batch plant is mainly equipped with JS1000 forced concrete mixer as a stirring host, with PLD1600 three warehouse concrete batching machine for gravel material ratio and delivery, transported to the hopper part, raised to the mixing cylinder, and then water metering, cement metering , Fly ash metering and admixture measurement at the same time according to the formula weighing, cement warehouse with 2 or 3 can, according to user needs to choose.

HZS50 concrete batch plant technical parameters:

Concrete batch plant model HZS50

Theoretical productivity: 50m3 / h

Mixing host: JS1000

Mix the host power :2 × 18.5kw

Maximum aggregate size (pebble / gravel): ≤ 60/80

Stirring discharge capacity:>1.0m3

Feeding way to :raise the bucket

Dosing machine type :PLD1600

Aggregate :0-3000kg ± 2%

Cement metering :0-600kg ± 1%

Water metering :0-400kg ± 1%

Admixture measurement :2%

Feeding height : 2.58m

Discharge height : 2.7m / 3.8m

Transport status Dimensions (length × width × height): 10867mm × 4070mm × 6560mm

Working status Dimensions (L × W × H) :17012mm × 4070mm × 8400mm

Machine power :109kw

Machine weight :14870kg / 17570kg

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